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CTF Aquaculture Boosts Exports to the Middle East and Japan

Slamet Soebjakto, Director General of Aquaculture Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) at the closing ceremony at the Aquatica Asia & Indoaqua 2018 in Jakarta / ist -Production of aquaculture over the last 5 years (2013-2017) grew on average by 4.97 percent per year. National fishery production in 2017 recorded 16,114,991 tons, up 0.74 percent from 2016, which reached 16,002,319 tons
BPS recorded Throughout the five (5) years (2013-2017) the value of aquaculture exports grew an annual average of 5.24 percent. 2017 aquaculture exports amounted to 1.83 billion USD, up 13.47 percent over 2016.
"This positive performance should be the starting point in encouraging the export of aquaculture nationwide, thus directly berkonribusi even more to economic growth," said Slamet Soebjakto, Director General of Aquaculture of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (MMAF) at the closing ceremony at the Aquatica Asia & Indoaqua 2018 in Jakarta, Friday (30/11/2018).
According to him, the export target in the future, which will be boosted namely Catfish. It's to take over the world catfish market share previously controlled nearly 80 percent of Vietnam. Currently Pangasius products Vietnamtengah embargo by importing countries.
"The need of 700,000 tonnes of pangasius world, so that Indonesia has the opportunity to take over the Vietnamese pangasius supply share in the global market to reach approximately 570,000 tons," said Slamet.
"Indonesia also managed to open market opportunities in the Middle East which is now the need is big enough that as much as 50,000 tons to 60,000 tons. Indonesia is currently the national branding catfish Pangasius INDONESIAN name, "he added.
Prawns are also still a major commodity that is developed for export. CTF undertook pooling preference to consumers in several countries to determine the consumer's choice of the type of shrimp are preferred.
"Consumers in Japan prefer shrimp monodon, then merguensis, and then vaname. While in Indonesia, monodon still be excellent market, "said Slamet.
Performance positive NTUPi
Micro-economic indicators aquaculture sub-sector throughout 2018 continued to show a positive performance, it can be seen from the growth of Exchange Rate Pembuidaya Fish (NTPi) and Fish Farmers Business Exchange (NTUPi) positive growth over the same period in 2017.
Based on data from the Central Statistics Agency (BPS) shows the development trend NTPi to October 2018 grew at an average of 0.29 percent per month. Recorded in October 2018 period NTPi value of 101.89, up 2.38 percent over the same period in 2017 which reached 99.52.
So it is with NTUPi, BPS also recorded during the same period of positive growth throughout 2018, with an average growth reached 0.29 percent. In October 2018, the value of NTUPi stood at 114.31, up 3.68 percent compared to 2017 reaching 110.25.
NTPi is the ratio between the index received by the fish farmers paid index. If you see a positive trend NTPi growth throughout 2018, with a value greater than 100 indicates that the economic structure of society is no improvement in fish cultivation.
The economic structure of the increased revenue that have an impact on people's purchasing power improvement fish farmers, mainly teradap access to basic needs. NTPi positive value of 101.89 also affect the saving ratio, allowing the fish farmers improve their business capacity through re-investment.
Based NTPi value distribution in each province, recorded in the period October 2018 NTPi greatest value in a row as East Java (107.11); Riau Islands (107.11); West Sumatra (107.07); Maluku (106.77); and West Java (106.28).
In the period (2017 until the third quarter of 2018), the national income of farmers rose by 8.6 percent, from Rp. 3.09 million to Rp. 3.36 million in 2018's third TW. This income is far greater than the national minimum wage of Rp. 2.25 million.
Program feed movement independently evolving in the central-central production also has a big effect in reducing the production cost of cultivation. NTUPi value along the positive growth in 2018, an indication that the activities of fish farming more efficient and have a greater added value. Bimo
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