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GPMT Workshop 2017

In order to carry out the mandate of the Congress of GPMT (Association of Animal Feed), the Board (BP) and several representatives from the Regional Commission (Komda) held a Workshop held in Belitung 25-27 October 2017.

        Attending the workshop were the Chairman of GPMT period 2016-2020, Desianto B. Utomo, four chairmen, M. Tevi Melviana, Denny D. Indradjaja, Johan and Timbul Sihombing and executive secretary of Askam Sudin. The success of the workshop was also attended by representatives from North Sumatra, West Java, Lampung, East Java and also Sulawesi and Kalimantan Regional Command.

        What is interesting about this workshop is the involvement of two sponsors, namely FKS Multi Agro and Transcon Indonesia, which provide updates on world raw materials as well as information about the storage facilities of raw materials at the port. With information about the storage of raw materials at this port, the high costs at the port can be reduced. Discussion looks very active, because it is supported by the nuances of mutual need both from suppliers and users. Sponsors now have intensive cooperation with most members, so there is no longer "distance" for discussion and exchange of ideas.

        Wokshop was held for the first time since the congress took place last year. "A little bit late indeed, because of their busyness so that new workshops can be implemented now", said Desianto.

        In addition to discussing details and evaluating the past 18 Congressional mandates, this workshop brings the theme: 'Facing the Challenges to Secure the Future'. The mandate of the congress that has been formulated at that time becomes the duty of all GPMT members to run it for the good of the future, despite the many challenges facing the industry today. One by one the mandate is discussed and evaluated and reviewed again whether it is still relevant to the present situation.

        Some of the current challenges such as corn demand, chicken and egg prices are still often under HPP (read: Cost of Production), AI new version, and many more problems facing the industry make a whip to further improve the efficiency in each member company.

        Members must be keen to deal with this situation so that business still exist in the future, so the good intentions of GPMT members to advance the nation through the improvement of community nutrition will be realized.

        The event ended with a tour of Belitung - the city of Laskar Pelangi, and a visit to Belitung traditional house so that the members become more intimate. Do not forget to taste Mie Belitung as well as food and typical Belitung presentation that there are similarities with the South Sumatra region makes this workshop event unforgettable.